About my bodyimage

This post, inspired by a photo of @sandraswagner is a big deal to me.

When I just started yoga, I got inspired by so many beautiful yogi’s doing the most amazing poses. Both beautiful and also sexy, with body’s to die for.

I had my ups and downs with my body. In puberty I was fairly skinny, but when I met my first boyfriend, I started to grow (in weight that is ;-)). The relationship was ok, but later on not very good for me. I wanted to go on adventures, educate myself and learn from life. But the boyfriend at the time was more interested in soccer and beer with his friends.

After a while I started to take some distance from that group. Although EDS was causing problems, I always looked for ways to keep moving and live healthy. And that is when I started to feel different and meet different people. After my breakup I met my husband to be. He believed in my potential and I believed in him. Together we grew to the successful people we are now.

But my body still had it ups and downs. When I found yoga, I still was insecure. My hubby could tell me I was beautiful and sexy, but there where many times I did not believe that to be true. I also hated my body more often then neccesary, because of the EDS symptomes, going from injury to injury.

But after six years of yoga, getting stronger and more confident, I am able to see myself in a different light. At 37 years old I can take yoga photo’s with much pride. And when my hubby is behind the camera, I hear myself saying: “is that me?!” .

So here I am, inspired by another yogi, and proud to say that is me: beautiful , smart and sexy. Another proof that yoga is more than just asana and meditation. It really is a transforming practice!