Closing doors and opening new ones!

This december is a month of saying my goodbyes. The times of being an employee are over. I will be working as a consultant fulltime.

I also said goodbye at teaching yogaclasses at the Jnana yogastudio. I had this feeling I needed all my focus on my businesess. After two years of working nothing less that 80 hours a week AND teaching yoga, I need to take care of myself again. And sometimes a yogateacher needs to be inspired and learn from other teachers. So through this post I want to thank all my yoga students for following my classes. It was very inspiring to see you all developing in your practice.

I wanted to share the class (for now) with you. With special thanks to Danique for assisting me that day.

Music: Reversed Beginning by Luwaks.

But there is also some good news, because I will not stop teaching yoga. You can still book me for individual classes and yogatherapy sessions, especially for:

  • Those who just started Ashtanga yoga and want to deepen their practice, both mentally as well as physically;
  • People with (sports)injuries; who want to try yoga to heal and get more knowledge about anatomy;
  • People who want to overcome their struggle with the symptoms of hypermobility and/ or Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, like I did myself!


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