Yoga and Fitness

I practiced a lot of different sports, like gymnastics, swimming, aerobics, running and fitness. I a few of them I was pretty good, but the EDS would always cause problems. With gymnastics my joints would dislocate, with swimming in cold water I would get cramps or my knees would subluxate. With aerobics and running my joints where always under a lot of pressure which would cause inflammations. Fitness did work well for a long time, but after a while my muscles would become too tight, which caused…..inflammations again. So every time I would set a goal, I was set back by pain and discomfort. In 2012 I had to find something that would keep me busy and healthy at the same time.

Doctors always told me that yoga was not a good thing to try. I would get more flexible, which would cause more joint problems. But of course, me being pigheaded, I wanted to see what would happen if I tried. I searched on the internet for different styles of yoga and tried them at home. Hatha yoga, Kundalini, power yoga and Ashtanga yoga visited my brand new yogamat. In some ways my doctors where right. I found that I could not be in one pose for to long. If I did, several joints would dislocate. After a while I found that Ashtanga yoga and power yoga worked the best for me. It is a good “workout” and there is a good balance of strength en flexibility poses. And maybe even more important, I learned how my body really worked. I learned to hold back with joint pain and push through discomfort when I felt muscle pain. That’s why yoga became a physical and mental healing process.

After half a year of going to my weekly power yoga class en practicing Ashtanga yoga at home, I started to notice the difference in my body. I’d lost some weight again, got stronger and the pain in my body started to get less. I started to follow workshops, go for a yoga holiday in Spain and learn a lot from the internet (thank you Kinoyoga 😉 ). Yoga has become a lifestyle and even a passion. I now practice about four times a week and maybe someday my body will let me practice even more. In June of 2017 I got certified as a 200 hour RYT yoga teacher. I teach classes every week, next to my other full-time job as a consultant profiler. You can also hire me for individual classes of for business workshops about yoga and lifestyle choices.

On this blog I will show you my “progress”, give EDS tips for how to work on poses and give tips for sites and yoga teachers. I hope to inspire EDS patients to try yoga in a safe and fun way.